Muscle maker grill

Muscle maker grill
Muscle maker grill
Brand Name
Muscle maker grill
Country Of Origin
Franchise fees for one unit
20,000 KD
Royalty fees %Monthly
9 %
Marketing fees %Monthly
0 %
Average costs & investment amount
25.000 KD
Number of Branchs

This brand specializes in healthy foods, but it has a distinctive taste because of its amazing sauces that are high in protein. Also, the menu is varied in many American, Italian, Mexican and Chinese dishes.

هذا البراند متخصص في الاكلات الصحيه ولان ذات الطعم الميمز بسبب صلصاته العجيبه و العاليه بالبروتين.وايضا تنوع المنيو بالعديد من الاطباق الامريكيه والايطاليه والمكسيكيه والصينيه