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National Franchises

is one of the Saudi companies specializing in the field of franchising. Our headquarters are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Cairo,  our company helps local companies expand locally and internationally by contributing to the spread of the culture of franchises and working to achieve the best investment opportunities and business growth and expansion. The company is also interested in attracting investors and brand owners, supporting entrepreneurs in obtaining investment opportunities and successful brands, providing consultancy and financing solutions, developing brands, preparing operational manuals, working in the franchise department, and selling trademarks. It also organizes international exhibitions. The company owns the IN FRANCHISE international exhibition trademark. We have training services in the fields of establishing restaurants and cafés, preparing feasibility studies for projects, establishing brands, helping the client work in the commercial franchise system, achieving expansion and growth for his brand, and providing the employment of a highly qualified human element to help companies advance their work.

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