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Our story started in Mood Lab from home!
It started as two ambitious young men who always agreed that coffee and sweets have a positive effect on mood. Making everyone's mood relaxed and happy was one of their goals that motivated them to make the most delicious combinations of sweets and coffee In their (home sweets lab), in which they worked daily to produce the best products in taste and presentation.
They succeeded in achieving their goal, as their products became demanded on a daily basis by customers who always saw its positive impact on their mood!
After this success and a lot of demand, Mood Lab was opened in August, 2019 which they named according to their principle and from where they started (Mood Lab)!



Establish Year

Saudi Arabia

Coffee Shops


Center Office

No. of Labors


Space Required

150 - 200 m2

Training Period

2 weeks

5 years

Contract Period

No. of Branches

Franchise Characteristics

Starting investments 

100,000 SR

Royalty Fees


Marketinf Fees


Investments Cost


Equipment Cost

250,000 - 300,000

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