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Mantorose is Saudi national Company is specialized in coffee and Juices.

Our services include coffee on the road (Drive – Thru). We help our customers get to their business done , saving their time, offer them delicious coffee and juices products of high quality. It is located in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

The key of our success is the result of our efforts, the quality of our products and good satisfying customers need customer services. The first was established in 2012 we have expanded to 26 branches at the end of 2019.By the end of 2020 we have developmental plan up to 50 branches covering all the eastern areas to reach to AL Riyadh and Bahrain by 2021.

Based on our commitment trust of our customers and delicious mixes and the high quality of our coffee and juice products. We are studying to join coffee sector in line with the vision of the kingdom 2030.



Establish Year

Saudi Arabia

Coffee Shops


Center Office

No. of Labors

Space Required

Training Period

Contract Period

No. of Branches

Franchise Characteristics

Franchise Fees

محل مع جلسات 150.000 ريال - درايف ثرو 100.000 ريال

Royalty Fees

5.5 %

Marketinf Fees

2 %

Investments Cost

300.000 - 450.000 SAR

Equipment Cost

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