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Brand name

Kopi ketjil

About The Brand

Kopi Ketjil itself means ‘small coffee’, small bean that has a great value. Kopi ketjil was launched in 2014 following the small steps that had been started since 2010. Managed by mostly young people, who are students in many disciplines. We grew, process, roast, brew and serve coffee. We brew coffee that we roast ourselves, using the best Indonesian coffee directly from the Indonesian archipelago farmers. We provide farmers with seeds and knowledge in the coffee plantation so they can grow coffee with right methods. We buy red and green bean coffee with decent price in order to support the farmer’s family to have more money to raise their family. Together with local farmers community, we prepare the best Indonesian green bean to be roasted in Kopi Ketjil’s roasters. We roast with heart and passion from our humble roasters located in Jogjakarta, INDONESIA. We also do small batch customized coffee roasting focusing in the best single origin Indonesian coffee. We share our love for Indonesian coffee to everybody who love to stopping by.



Establish Year


Coffee Shops


Center Office

No. of Labors


Space Required

75 M

Training Period

3 months

5 years

Contract Period

No. of Branches


Franchise Characteristics

Franchise Fees

15.000 USD

Royalty Fees

5 %

Marketinf Fees

2.5 %

Investments Cost

100,000 - 500.000 USD

Equipment Cost

20.000-150.000 USD

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