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2nd Virtual Exhibition for Franchise

April 5, 2021
Screenshot 2024-04-28 162942.png
After our first experience in holding the virtual franchise exhibition in August 2020; Amid the challenges of the pandemic that led to suspension of exhibitions and conferences activities, which led to the acceleration of digital transformation, and the establishment of virtual conferences and exhibitions - remotely - that ensure the safety of everyone and achieve the required distance,
At the same time that it allows us to review various investment opportunities without any obstacles that prevent us from continuing, so we took the initiative to organize the first virtual conference for franchising in the Arab region.
Which achieved great success, and the number of its visitors exceeded 50,000, and participation of a large local and international brands, also the participation of 23 speakers and consultants in the franchising sector, also a lot of contracts were signed through the exhibition, which prompted us to re-experience and we celebrate our customers today with those partnerships that It started from our previous exhibition.

Today, after a phase that took us months, it brought us together with a large number of investors in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and opened great horizons. It most be a second version of this exhibition in order to continue to serve this important and vital sector, in addition to that we aim to organize the exhibition continuously, to be as a major platform gathering of donors for Arab and foreign brands, along with those looking for opportunities to obtain a commercial franchise contract, suppliers, developers and legal advisors, in addition to that the commercial area of the exhibition will bring together potential buyers and investors to obtain commercial franchises, establish partnerships and offer other investment opportunities, the exhibition hosts a group A wide range of business sectors and strong local brands that seek to expand locally and move to the international level by expanding globally.

Also ,We do not forget the global partnership between us and the "Paris Franchise exhibition" , which is considered the third largest exhibition in the world, through the exchange of opportunities for marketing local brands, and our partnership with government agencies that have greatly supported this exhibition, hoping that we will succeed in our goal, and we thank all those who participated in this platform to produce real successful partnerships.
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