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Saudi Arabia




About Details

The idea started all the way back in the year 2011, when Executive Chef/Co-Owner Ali Alwayil was studying
electrical engineering in the US. during the time, he was struggling in finding a proper chocolate chip cookies near the area where he lived. as an engineer he learned that if something cannot be found, then it must be engineered. After many experiments over one year, he succeeded to produce a very good chocolate chip cookies. furthermore, as a chef, cookies are not the ultimate thing he considered during his time in the kitchen. burgers and infused foods also were being engineered inside that kitchen.
In 2015, four brothers (Aymen, Mohammed, Ali, Abdullah,Hassan) decided to create a restaurant where people
can experience the exotic and dynamic food. the idea was to create a dynamic menu where food frequently change on a short period of time so that people can have new experiences every time they come in. simple but dynamic started from the need to a modern
infused American restaurant in the area. it is simply a crave for a creative, simple and different kind of food

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