Brand Name
Country Of Origin
Saudi Arabia

Franchise fees for one unit
65.000 SAR (restaurant)/50.000 SAR(kiosk)
Royalty fees %Monthly
6 %

Marketing fees %Monthly
2 %

Average costs & investment amount
Number of Branchs

Back in 2017 when I was in Paris, I tried for the first time what they Mean by a French croissant. This was a life changing experience for me. Since then, I’m obsessed with proper French croissant. I trained and experiment with croissant for 4 years to master it and create a unique and yet a proper French croissant. In Dopeamine we are the first to introduce a proper French croissant that can compete with the taste of French croissant in France. All ingredients matters from the butter to the wheat to the salt to the milk. We use a proper dry French butter with a very high-quality French wheat flour. We don’t skip in quality. The croissant is airy, light yet buttery, crispy yet soft from the inside and the most important you can count the layers from outside meaning a very proper lamination.