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One K

About The Brand was established in 2011 as a national brand that rises to the ranks of global cafes with a national identity that combines the taste of Arab and global consumers together in terms of the multiplicity of products in the hot and iced beverage sector and baked goods with high quality that applies the highest standards of food safety and quality management Highest performance standards. We have specialized in importing the finest varieties of coffee farms around the world and roasting them in the latest and best of what the smart roasting machines technologies have reached to our customers and partners fresh with the latest methods of safe packaging of coffee.

We are proud to have won 1 k Tourism Excellence Award 2018 as the best local cafe in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We are working from the beginning of 2020 to work on granting the commercial franchise to expand in all regions of the Kingdom and the Arab Gulf.



Establish Year

Saudi Arabia

Coffee Shops

Center Office

No. of Labors

Space Required

Training Period

Contract Period

No. of Branches

Franchise Characteristics

Franchise Fees

75.000 SAR for 5 Years

Royalty Fees


Marketinf Fees


Investments Cost


Equipment Cost

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