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National Franchises Company is one of the companies specialized in the field of franchising. Our main headquarters is in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is the first Saudi-American company where we have a headquarters for the company in the United States of America in Virginia, where our representatives in the United States work with the help of local franchise owners to expand internationally by registering the mark internationally according to the United States intellectual right system. Our company contributes to spreading the culture of franchising and working to achieve the best investment opportunities and business growth and expansion. It is also interested in attracting investors and brand owners and supporting entrepreneurs in finding successful projects for them.

Our Vision

“Industry leaders who are ambitious entrepreneurs who are investing successfully in the franchise world”

Our Goal

Our first goal stems from the goal of our leader, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, may Allah protect him.

"My first goal is for our country to be a successful and pioneering model in the world at all levels, and I will work with you to achieve this."

Business Meeting

Field  of  Training

The National Franchises Company focuses on the training and academic aspect for developing its staff through consultants and experts specialized internationally and locally in this field who work on developing and building brands, establishing a successful identity, providing advice, displaying distinctive marks and the necessary training for everything that the sector needs to increase its growth and accelerate investment through it. The National Franchises Company have an important role in supporting entrepreneurs for the importance of this sector and the extent of its impact in raising the gross domestic product and contributing to the realization of Vision 2030.

The training programs depend on developing experts and knowledge of the global market for franchising and understanding the system of expansion and growth through knowledge of the need of investors and markets as well as access to brands with a high level of professionalism and the ability to expand that depends on the availability of adequate knowledge of support, knowledge transfer and successful reproduction by providing all privileges to investors. We care about what we offer, and we seek to produce experts who work in the franchise field who are able to help everyone including brands owners and investors.’


What will we offer our clients?

We have very important tools that distinguish us from others in terms of strength of performance and achievement.

Organizational maturity analysis

Preparing feasibility studies and investment planning

Participation in and organization of specialized exhibitions

Maturity in the operations and operational functions of a business is the most important feature of a successful franchise. Operations must be smooth, flexible and measurable in order to optimize efficiency, quality and control. The assessment of the maturity of the activities, processes, and operational functions of a business determines the characteristics of the operations and operational functions of the business and the ability of each process or function to continuously contribute to the achievement of organizational and operational goals. Operations and functions are considered mature if they have a high potential to contribute to the achievement of these goals.

Our team is distinguished by its strong experience in consulting for feasibility studies, investment plans, financial analysis for companies, providing solutions and consultations for founding and existing projects, as well as providing the best financing solutions for companies wishing to develop and expand their business.

Organizing exhibitions, conferences, and workshops for trade franchise locally and internationally, thus achieving a strong investment environment for all through its presence and taking part in most virtual and realistic platforms and the gathering of important investment elements, which help to conclude deals, spread brands and find opportunities for real estate, financing, advisory and developmental investment.

Preparing legal documents

Establishing Standard Operating Procedures (Operational Manual)

Business strategic planning

In our legal services, we rely on senior consultants in the franchising sector who facilitate the registration processes for the mark and the preparation of legal contracts between the franchisor and the franchisee, establishing companies, unit contracts and regional contracts, as contracts are among the most important documents that are drawn up and prepared after studying all aspects of such investment and the conditions that legally required to be met.

The franchise model and the operational guide is one of the most important features of the brand, which the national franchises seek to be the cornerstone of investment, as building the operational manual with standards and the franchise model with global standards gives importance to the operation of the brand and can help its spread faster and stronger and give it the confidence it needs to launch globally with such system.

A process by which the organization determines the future situation or results it wants to achieve within a certain time, and takes a package of decisions and actions regarding the allocation of its resources to follow up the implementation of this strategy , Many executives face many challenges in developing and building strategies and developing implementation plans. Our pioneering approach based on distinct capabilities enables companies to focus on their greatest strengths and gain a competitive advantage.

Provide consulting

Building a Brand

Because your business important to us and your success is important to us too, we will never delay in providing all our expertise and putting the same at your disposal to be the first beneficiary we have in order to achieve growth for your brand. Our team is well experienced.

We have a strong group in this sector that can save you a lot of time and efforts and give you the best options in the right investment.

It is easy to own and establish your own project, but it is difficult for your project to be the distinctive model to be a brand that gives others the right to use it through franchising and this is what we do to help you through the integration of ideas to come out with a distinctive mark as well as put with you the vision that you will start through plans explaining what your project will be like.

Identity design and marketing plan

We stand with you from the beginning, and the identity is the basis for every project and it is considered the secret in the franchise and the attraction factor in marketing, and through it we build with you your plan to launch strongly, as the marketing plan is one of the pillars of success and a very important basis, and we in turn are interested in providing all marketing services for the success of your brand.

Search for investors

The expansion plan is the most important fundamentals of the franchise, to which the National Franchises Company contributes greatly, which is the combination of investors and brands in various geographical areas, as well as the international expansion that helps spread the trademarks in launching internationally, attracting international franchises to Saudi investors and helping them find the suitable investment. The Kingdom is distinguished by its strong investment structure and purchasing power that attracts international brands and also encourages investment due to its large area and the diversity of economic resources.


Advantages of expansion through national franchises

We have the tools to connect you with specific and targeted customers through our branding marketing plans package. We have newsletters that exceed one million people to spread investment opportunities through. We also directly promote to investors through the online platform for displaying trademarks. The Gulf Economy Magazine, which our company publishes periodically, contains a section specialized in commercial franchises, and through our local and international exhibitions, we contribute significantly to holding actual meetings with investors.

Media side

It is a magazine run by our company and published under the umbrella of the Federation of Chambers of the Gulf Cooperation Council and concerned with economic aspects. A separate chapter has been devoted to international and local trade franchises, brand news, and the Saudi and international franchise system. Trademarks are also assisted in order to market and spread them and obtain local and international investors, as the magazine is published in all countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council as well as internationally through the website.

Gulf Economy Magazine

We have a very important database from all over the world that reaches our news to more than a million of those targeted, and we are always working to increase it and we are very interested in communicating news about brands so that we contribute to supporting it by reaching those interested.

Our newsletters

In addition to our exhibitions, which we are keen to hold to meet those interested in the franchise sector, we are also keen to provide a permanent electronic platform for displaying brands, which makes it easier for entrepreneurs and investors to access information that helps them to obtain the appropriate privilege.

The default platform

Our Team

The National Franchises Company is characterized by the presence of a team capable of developing, legal, financial, advisory and marketing tools. They provide all the necessary support and develop plans and strategies for the growth and expansion of companies and work to increase the value of the brand to come out with a strong brand and their important role in finding the right investors to make strong partnerships.

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